Technology Brief

Based on over 6 years of R&D, we developed and patented cost effective and innovative techniques that enhance electrical energy efficiency, lower total electrical energy consumption, compliment environmental sustainability and reduce costs. MPTS utilizes our patented Advanced Switching Technique for efficient power utilization that utilizes a unique switching network to dynamically match the source and load impedances. The technology is aimed at efficient utilization of electric power for loads and as a consequence, Power Factor correction to almost unity is simultaneously achieved.

When connected to an electrical AC complex network of loads, MPTS dynamically matches the source and load impedances resulting in reduced total power consumption and efficiency improvement almost close to 100%. The non-intrusive nature of MPTS enables most electrical technicians to connect it within a short period. MPTS is always connected preceding the electrical load.

When the device is in operation, it precisely senses the supply input and the demand output parameters, adjusts the resonance of the resulting network loop, synchronizes and optimizes the output. This occurs at an extremely high speed in the device due to the highly advanced electronics, algorithm controlled proprietary devices used and subsequently eliminates (most) power waste. This consequently reduces total energy consumption reducing KVA requirement by significant levels and enhances electrical efficiency of the network minimizing/ eliminating waste.

Our MPTS device is designed in a modular configuration to enable competitive resourcing, ease of manufacture and maintenance/repair. The technology has been developed to be extremely robust, flexible, and reliable for the widest possible applications.

MPTS Product Attributes

  • Significantly reduces Total Power Consumption, maximizes electrical efficiency & improves network power quality
  • Using a patented impedance matching technique, MPTS matches the supply input and user demand load
  • Works automatically with the same high efficiency for highly unbalanced and balanced electrical loads
  • Releases installed capacity of an electrical network
  • Enabled to get the most out of installed switchgear to maximize electrical supply and equipment availability
  • Lowers Greenhouse Gasses / Carbon footprint

Salient Design Features

  • Strong, long-lasting, heavy duty enclosure with internally optimized architecture for ventilation, inspection, and quick maintenance
  • Automatic and self-regulating operation with an informative energy meter to display all important parameters
  • Durable heavy duty steel enclosure with quality powder coating to withstand harsh industrial environments
  • Forced air ventilation optimizes equipment longevity through regulated heat dissipation
  • Bottom frame lifting base for easy positioning during installation with anchor bolt slots to allow securing to foundation for permanent installation
  • Hinged enclosure panels for easy inspection and maintenance
  • Separate section for harmonic filters in MPTS-H models
  • Easily cleanable/replaceable ventilation filters
  • Terminal cover is safely and easily mountable
  • High quality, high rating, easily connectable terminals