MPTS compliments and/or replaces Capacitors, Automatic Power Factor Correction systems (APFCs), Harmonics Filters, Power Conditioners, Voltage Stabilizers and Surge Protectors providing the next generation in power quality.

All In One Solution


Our Maximum Power Transfer Solution (MPTS) in 100-450 amperes applications decreases costs through reductions in total power, enhanced electrical efficiency and increased utilization of installed capacity while promoting environmental sustainability.

The technology used in our MPTS device is based on patented dynamic impedance matching and synchronous processing through solid state electronic switching, dynamic, accurate and precise correction using patented multi-tasking algorithm controls to optimize each phase to attain maximum efficiency.

When connected to electrical AC inductive and other balanced or unbalanced phase loads, the MPTS device dynamically matches the source and load impedances resulting in reduced total power consumption and significant improvement and electrical efficiency.

MPTS Benefits

  • Improves any value of low power factor (PF) to greater than .95%.
  • Decreases electric current consumption measured in amperes.
  • Reduces kVA, kVAh, kVAr, and kVArh.
  • Stabilizes electric network voltage (provides surge protection).
  • Reduces heating of switchgear and local network (from excessive current draw).
  • Reduces thermal and eddy current loss.
  • Releases capacity due to reduced amps.

MPTS Features

  • Reduces system harmonics from connected load and power grid.
  • Reduces carbon footprint and impact of greenhouse gases on the environment.
  • Reduces wasted energy, decreasing the total amperage required to operate equipment.
  • The MPTS is a fail-safe technology and does not interrupt power to facilities equipment when it is either on or off.
  • MPTS is an electronic solution and consumes less than 1 ampere of current for every 100 Amps installed for 480V/3phase electrical systems.
  • The MPTS system does not add capacitance to the electrical network.
  • MPTS does not require programming, as it is self-programming upon commissioning.
  • As a consequence of the above attributes, the MPTS improves and maintains power factor to greater than .95%.
  • MPTS is a solution for balanced or unbalanced 3-phased system.
  • MPTS performs with the same efficiency and effectiveness from 20% to 100% utilization of its rated capacity.
  • Except for ventilation fans there are no moving parts in the MPTS.
  • MPTS is modular with replaceable components, and may never require complete replacement and disposal, reducing the replacement and environmental costs.

Financial Benefits

MPTS has many financial benefits to the end-user, solving multiple power problems with one solution!

  • Reduced total electrical power cost
    • MPTS can save money on the utility bill where there is KVA and/or kVAh billing, or kVAr or Power Factor Fees or Penalties (see your utility tariff).
  • Reduced maintenance, repairs, replacements and down time
    • MPTS can reduce maintenance, repairs, replacement and down-time costs related to electrical power inefficiencies and problems.  This comes through attributes that include: reducing Amps, reducing heat, stabilizing voltage, surge protection, and reducing harmonics.  The percentage of reduction in Amps will increase the life of the equipment by at least the same percentage.
  • Environmental Sustainability
    • Improved efficiency is directly proportional to lowering the impact of greenhouse gasses and carbon footprint. MPTS will remove the wasted energy in the system (20 – 70%, depending on the inefficiency of the loads), reducing carbon emissions by that same percentage.