Hospitals and healthcare facilities have higher energy consumption than many other commercial facilities. With the cost of healthcare in the US at an all time high and the pressure on healthcare providers to lower their cost of delivery, energy costs offer a great opportunity for savings. With a typical hospital having 250,000 square feet or more of space, a $1 per square foot reduction in energy costs can have a significant impact on the bottom line. Power quality and stability are also critical to consider with the sophisticated systems and equipment used in in healthcare delivery. TransPower Company’s MPTS devices have the ability to reduce the total electrical energy consumption and demand charges by utilities by as much as 20% to 30%. Not only can the MPTS technology reduce consumption and demand charges but also will improve power quality, work with highly unbalanced loads, release installed capacity and extend the life of electrical networks. TransPower Company products are available directly from our distributor and dealer network or through ESCO’s and other energy management professionals working with the education industry.